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Nyttig information

Before planning your trip, find out the best way to get to the archipelago, the papers you need, customs formalities and health precautions.

By air

It is easy to fly to Madeira or Porto Santo. The daily flights between Lisbon and Funchal take 1 hr 25 min. It takes about 15 minutes to fly from one island to the other. There are two airports, Madeira International Airport and Porto Santo Airport.

By ship

A common port of call for cruise ships, the ports of Funchal and Porto Santo are the arrival points for the islands as well as the ports of departure for other destinations.

The shipping company Naviera Armas offers a regular ferry boat service for passengers and vehicles, using the vessel “Volcán de Tijarafe”, between the ports of Tenerife and Las Palmas, on the Canary Islands, and Portimão, in the Algarve, with a stopover in Funchal when travelling both ways. This makes it possible for you to come to Madeira with your car.

The daily trips between the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo take about 2 hours and 30 minutes, leaving from the Port of Funchal, these trips being made by the ferry-boat “Lobo Marinho” from Porto Santo Line which also allows the transport of vehicles.

Documents required

Visitors coming from EU countries belonging to the Schengen Agreement have unrestricted entry. Visitors from non-Schengen countries need a valid passport and, in some cases, a visa.

Customs Formalities

There are no restrictions on goods leaving the archipelago. However, if the customs officers think the quantity is excessive, they may ask you to prove that the items are for your personal use.

Vaccinations and health precautions

You do not need any special vaccines before coming to the archipelago. Emergency hospital treatment is free of charge for European Union citizens and there is a private health service to provide medical assistance to visitors of other nationalities.