Green Views

Four Views Hotels

Green at heart, guest in mind!

With our FourViewsh otels we invite you to spend relaxing holidays at the most beautiful locations on the island of Madeira. No matter if you enjoy being directly by the sea or prefer the urban surroundings of the pretty city of Funchal – you will appreciate the unique views our hotels offer.

With one of our FourViews hotels you will have an excellent starting point to explore Madeira’s unique nature and the city of Funchal. In all our hotels you will find a casual and relaxed atmosphere combined with all the comfort and amenities of a modern hotel business and with the highest ecological standards. We are fully committed to offering our guests a comfortable stay in a relaxing atmosphere and with memories which will last forever.

We are fully aware that the island’s unique nature and the destination of Madeira itself is the basis for our business success. For this reason, we aim to keep the environmental impact of our hotels as low as possible and to improve our environmental performance continually and wherever possible. Complying with legal regulations is considered to be the minimum standard for us.

Green at heart, guest in mind’ is the abstract of our business philosophy and a principle for our employees and our guests.

Our employees and especially our executive personnel are requested to put this principle into practice in the daily business. Likewise, we encourage our guests to support us in achieving our environmental goals and to contribute to preserving Madeira’s beauty for both present and future generations.

As FourViews group we are keen on maintaining an active and ongoing dialogue with the public and our neighbours and on informing about the progress of our environmental activities regularly.


On Madeira and in all our FourViews hotels the greatest wealth is our people. Open and friendly individuals who take pride in welcoming guests to our destination and showing what personal and responsible hospitality is all about.
As a well known employer and part of the local community of the island of Madeira, we are aware of our responsibility towards our employees and the positive social development of the island.


For our employees

  • we create an open and friendly work environment and maintain a framework based on trust and respect in leadership and work style;
  • we guarantee fair contracts as well as fair working conditions and equal opportunities for all our employees and applicants on the basis of non-descrimination for no reason, diversity, security, transparency and the labour legislation;
  • we ensure a reasonable, fair and skill-based salary for all employees of the FourViews hotel group;
  • we encourage all employees to continuously develop their skills and offer opportunities for specific trainings.

For the community we are based in

  • we want to ensure a positive social impact of our business activities and the support of the community. Therefore we take the opportunities in socially aiding and providing support wherever we can;
  • we offer opportunities for local artisan and performers by promoting local cultural awareness amongst our guests;
  • we support local activities and groups and encourage our employees to participate in such activities;
  • we cooperate with public and private institutions for the training and education of young professionals in our sector;
  • we will involve the community in new developments whenever necessary and guarantee an open communication at all times to support local needs.
  • we provide and train procedures to our staff to prevent child sexual abuse in all our businesses
Four Views Hotels

We operate daily according to policies that:

  • Recognize the right to freedom of association of employees
  • Provide safe and humane working conditions
  • Prohibit child or forced labor
  • Promote a workplace free of discrimination and harassment

Overall, we see it as our duty to act in a socially responsible manner with respect to our guests and employees, as well as to the local community and environment. Through our social commitment, we provide an engaging experience for our employees and the region, which directly contributes to the quality and atmosphere of hotels.

Sustainable Purchasing Policy

The management and the people of the Four Views Group taking into consideration:

We are committed to apply wherever possible, the following sustainable friendly purchasing principles, contributing directly and indirectly to the preservation of these precious resources, thus meeting our guests expectations


Local and seasonal buying

  • Priority will be given to products from the local market (on a regional and state level) provided that they meet the requirements and basic needs of the hotels.
  • The important factor of product transportation should always be considered, from the point of view of air pollution and fuel consumption (nonrenewable resources) together with the support of the local economy.

Electrical devices

  • Regarding the purchase of equipment, priority is given to electrical machinery that consumes less water, energy (Energy star system label preference to A & A plus appliances) and do not contain forbidden CFC’s.
  • When buying new lamps and lights or for the replacement of lamps priority should be given to LED or other efficient bulbs.


  • Preference is given, wherever possible, to the purchase of products in bulk and re-useable or returnable packages.
  • Single–use and disposable items are to be avoided and, wherever their use is necessary, biodegradable products are preferred.

Recyclable products

  • Priority should be given to recyclable products as well as those from recycled materials without excessive multiple packaging (the more complex a product is, the more natural resources are used in its production and the more waste is disposed of into the environment).

Cleaning agents

  • Cleaning agents according to the following specifications:
  • They must have a registration number of the National Chemical Laboratory (Compliance with the legal requirements of Regulation EC / 648/2004 on the biodegradability of surfactants components, 60% primary biodegradability, allergenic perfume ingredients, colors, labels etc)
  • Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) developed and tested under recent legislation REACH which is valid from 2007.
  • All disinfectants have EOF authorization under Regulation EC / 528/2012
  • Priority is given to the use of concentrated product through automatic dosing systems (easiest handling and storage, less waste, better results)

Information of suppliers

  • We will inform our suppliers about our sustainable purchasing policy and specifications and to inquire whether they have similar policy, products and production system.
  • Priority will be given to suppliers who fulfill the above requirements together with the hotel quality standards and budgeting.